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I have recently started therapy with Holly as I have OCD and anxiety and have tried CBT before which was extremely helpful. Holly is very patient and takes time to explain the process behind CBT and REBT. Therapy can be a little daunting but she is kind and understanding but equally gives you the push you need to achieve your goals. I would definitely recommend her.

I started having panic attacks early in the pandemic and had no idea why but I was in a really bad place quickly. Holly helped me to understand what happens when I panicked and also how to handle it. I found it hard at first as every day felt hard, but Holly was so supportive and I really felt she understood.

During the first lock down I really struggled with the pressures of working, home schooling and family life and found myself losing my temper a lot and then feeling terrible about it. Holly helped me to understand where it was all coming from. With the techniques she coached me through I have noticed a complete change and feel so much happier and like the mum and wife I want to be.

I had been struggling with anxiety for years and had other types of counselling and therapy with little effect. After one session with Holly she spoke to me about PTSD, which really matched what I have been experiencing for years. Sessions were tough for a while but I always felt safe with her and supported. Having finished sessions now, it’s hard to believe how much better I am. I don’t have nightmares anymore, flashbacks or panic attacks and my general anxiety is far less. I have applied for a new job, started a relationship and feel like I have a future.

I have recently finished 6 sessions with Holly and would highly recommend her. She has really helped me in a good way to understand OCD and anxiety and has pushed me in a good way to overcome it. She is very easy to talk to and the best CBT therapist I have seen.

I found Holly to be polite, professional and very easy to talk to. She really helped me to see things from another perspective through brilliant techniques, realistic goals and tasks and very useful slides and links to read. Each session she created a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere and has a brilliant way of keeping you focused on the session. Many Thanks!

I wasn’t sure therapy was for me but I’m glad I gave it a go. Holly was very easy to talk to and I felt like I could open up about my phobia. I think CBT has made a real difference for me.

Holly helped me to understand how some of my behaviours were quite self sabotaging and really were not helpful in relationships and shared techniques that helped me to address this.

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