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Motivational & Therapeutic Signs


All in person sessions take place and my private 1-2-1 therapy room in Loxley, Warwickshire.



I offer face-to-face and online sessions, lasting 55 minutes, with people over the age of 18.​

The amount of sessions required varies with 8 being the minimum recommended. We would discuss this during the consultation appointment should you wish to proceed. I recognise that therapy is a financial commitment so I offer block booking options, making it easier for you to invest in your mental wellbeing.


Throughout the sessions, I will work with you to identify unhealthy thoughts and behaviours, challenge them and replace with healthy versions. I will help you to “re-set” your thinking and provide you with valuable tools to use in daily situations.


I’m confident you’ll find the sessions beneficial and just as previous clients have, you will also see an improvement in your mental wellbeing. I am currently seeing the majority of clients via an online platform. If you require a face to face appointment at my own office in Loxley, Warwickshire, please get in touch.


As with CBT, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is also recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a way to treat and prevent depression relapse.

Mindfulness Meditation is also a recommended treatment for anxiety disorders and general stress and really helps with building self acceptance. For further information on Mindfulness check out the 8 Week MBCT Course tab up top or contact me.

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