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Dealing With Corona Virus Anxiety

Are you feeling anxious? With Corona Virus/Covid-19 wreaking havoc around the world and causing stress for many people I thought I would share a few tips on how you can help manage your anxiety on a day to day basis. Some of them may seem really obvious but believe me they work if done consistently!

Limit your exposure to Social Media & the News

I understand that you want to stay informed on updates but there is a serious amount of hysteria filled images flying around and a lot of unqualified opinions, none of which will help your anxiety. By limiting your time on social sites and watching the news, you limit your ability to be exposed to scare-mongering and anxiety provoking information.

Wash your hands!

In a dark time I have taken to the advice given to children - sing happy birthday twice to yourself whilst washing your hands. This puts a smile on my face and enables me to laugh at my self for a moment.

Practise Minfulness Meditation

Mindfulness works to sooth the nervous system, which is triggered when we perceive a dangerous situation. The fight, flight or freeze response is the body's natural response to stress and danger and kicks into action when the brain sends a distress signal. When this happens adrenaline and cortisol are released and these chemicals actually weaken your immune system, meaning you are more vulnerable to illness. By practising Mindfulness each day for even a short period of time you will help stabilise your nervous system and keep those pesky stress chemicals at bay.

Stock up on Books

Now is the perfect time to rest! How often do we as adults get an opportunity to sit down and read our book list? Although concerning and inconvenient look for the good in the situation. Whether you have a stack of biographies waiting to be read, some educational material, audio books or fancy revisiting a classic, now is your chance to sit back and hit the books. It also gives you another way of supporting your local independent bookstore or your library!

Work Smart

If working from home be sure to set up a specific space to keep your 'work' space separate to your 'relax' space. Keep distractions and chores to a minimum by writing a to do list and behaving just as you would in the office. Set some meetings in your calendar to prompt you to move on to a new task or connect with your colleagues to check on their progress too. Take a tea break and a lunch break, as you would in the office and set a definitive finish time each day. It's so easy to stay on your laptop or overcompensate but this won't help your mind or mood in the long run.

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