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On each of the three systems, the kernel version was the same across the days, with Linux version 3.18.9 and 3.17.10 for the Windows and Ubuntu notebooks, respectively. The RAM usage was also the same, with values around the 5 GB mark, and there were no unread emails on the Ubuntu and Windows laptops, which was different from the tablet, where all the emails were unread. Discussion {#Sec5} ---------- Table [1](#Tab1){ref-type="table"} shows the average time and memory usage per task for the software on the different platforms. We can clearly see the execution speed of the system is affected by the type of processor as well as the platform. The main difference lies in the Linux and Windows systems being more than 3× slower than the Android tablet. In addition, the mobile systems also differ on memory usage. In the Android tablet system, the memory usage is very constant at 1 GB with the exception of the input selection task. The other systems vary in this sense, with the dual-boot system being the most memory-consuming platform.Table 1.Task time and memory usage.PlatformTime (seconds)Memory (Mb)Windows (single)10.66.5400Ubuntu12.52.5850Linux11.43.5352Android10.11.2230*Note*: Memory usage is shown in MB (megabytes) The workloads performed by the system were different in terms of their memory requirements. For example, the K-mean cluster analysis took much longer than the input selection task. However, it needs to be taken into account that the dataset contains 38 years of emails and 20 years of phone calls, but only 6 years of video-conference calls and the taxonomy is still being created. All the tasks were run in a simulated environment, and there were no other tasks executed in parallel. It is also worth mentioning that the memory usage values provided by the Android platform are not always entirely accurate. For example, the reported value of 1.2 GB in the table can be greater or less than this due to the memory pressure levels on the system, which can be increased in cases such as heavy applications or when the number of RAM users is lower. From this dataset, it can be seen that a dual-boot system presents an ideal solution for running multiple systems as there is no need to shut down or reboot, no installation



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Bloodsport 2 Dual Audio 1996 quintar

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